By Whitley Strieber

December 21, 2012, might be some of the most watched dates in background. each 26,000 years, Earth strains up with the precise middle of our galaxy. At 11:11 on December 21, 2012, this occasion occurs back, and the traditional Maya calculated that it is going to mark the tip, not just of this age, yet of human realization as we all know it. But what is going to truly take place? the tip of the area? a brand new age for mankind? not anything? The final time this occurred, Cro-Magnon guy unexpectedly started growing nice paintings within the caves of southern France, which to at the present time is still probably the most inexplicable adjustments in human background.  Now Whitley Strieber explores 2012 in a towering paintings of fiction that might astound readers with its actually new insights and a riveting roller-coaster ride of a story. A mysterious alien presence abruptly bursts out of sacred websites world wide and starts off to rip human souls from their our bodies, plunging the realm into chaos it hasn't ever prior to recognized.  Courage meets cowardice, loyalty meets betrayal as a whole global struggles to outlive this really good end-all war. Heroes emerge, villains display themselves, and in any case whatever thoroughly new and unforeseen occurs that without delay lifts the fictitious characters right into a new existence, and sounds a haunting real-world caution for the long run.

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Mom," Trevor shouted. " Winnie shrilled, the littlest finally realizing that something was not right in her world. "Momma is all right," Lindy managed to gasp. "You're crying," Trevor said. "We're all crying, Trevor," Martin said. " Winnie asked. Martin moved into the pew with Lindy, with their kids clinging to them, and the Hasterts made room for them. Given that Rose had arrived with their kids, Bobby and his family were okay, too-for the moment. Reg Todd went into the pulpit. Martin liked him, had hunted with him when they were boys.

Some children began to cry, and a ripple of panic spread. Parents held them. Martin saw immediately that the thing moved like something alive-and something that felt no need to be careful, not the way it came surging in the windows, filling the room with its slicing glare. He was fascinated by its motion, he couldn't help himself. It was a little like the spread of a membrane, he thought. But then it came forward so quickly that there were shrieks of literal agony, the terror was so extreme. Old Man Michaels dropped to the floor with a thud.

But it was not cloth, the colors came from tiny, exquisitely detailed memories, each one full of life and motion, swarming around him like living jewels. He threw back his head and roared like a maddened gorilla. A passage from the Bible occurred to Martin, the one about the coat of many colors. He understood the message: Joseph's coat had been his soul. The old biblical authors, therefore, had known what souls looked like. They were seeing Reg's soul being sucked from his body the way a monkey might suck the pulp from an orange.

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