By Neil Paynter

Fifty new prayers from old and young and from people worldwide – from Glasgow to Cincinnati, from Malawi to Alaska – that will be utilized in a regular self-discipline, many at the issues of the Iona neighborhood – poverty and fiscal justice, welcome and hospitality, interfaith discussion, church renewal, peacemaking.

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Fraser, Scotland A CANDLE OF HOPE IN A DIVIDED WORLD Thank you, Jesus, for your astonishing gifts to us: your multifaceted teaching, in parable and paradox; your all-embracing love that encompassed such an unlikely mix of people and invited them to get along. Thank you for your great array of contradictory witnesses; and for your explosive Spirit that pitched them out into the world before they had agreed upon a single version of the story. Thank you, Jesus, for your church of many colours. Give us the humility to welcome your gifts, and all the traditions that bring them to us.

Like Bartimaeus, we sit by the roadside listening and waiting for your approach. Like him we want to leave the past behind and move on. And so we offer you all that hurts and harms and demeans us and the ways we hurt and harm and demean other people. Heal our offences, redeem our weakness and enable us to forgive and be forgiven. Lord, we delight in your presence; we feel your grace around and within us making us whole, encouraging us, urging us on. We are glad to be part of this community of faith.

So oppressed were the Hebrew people in Egypt under their task-masters that they seemed only to groan and cry out, without shaping their words into prayers. It was enough. God hears cries, and answers cries as well as prayers. Ian M. Fraser, A Storehouse of Kingdom Things (Wild Goose Publications) Prayer is really good fun, can become good fun, and the future of our Church is going to be funny until we can write that sentence. George MacLeod I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.

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