By Philip Sheldrake

A short historical past of Spirituality tells the tale of Christian spirituality from its origins within the New testomony to the current day.Charts the most figures, rules, photos and historic classes, exhibiting how and why spirituality has replaced and constructed over the centuriesDraws out the exact topics of Christian spirituality, exploring the ancient and cultural occasions and reviews that modified people’s attitudes and practicesCoverage extends correct as much as the fashionable day, exploring the massive adjustments in spirituality lately and how it truly is these days usually contrasted with ‘religion’Written via a number one commentator on spirituality, and released within the well known short Histories of faith sequence

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He wrote under the pseudonym of Dionysius, the convert of Paul in Acts 17. He is best known in the West for what is somewhat misleadingly called his ‘‘apophatic (or negative) spirituality’’ expounded in his shortest work, the Mystical Theology, translated into Latin in the ninth century by the Irish theologian John Scotus Eriugena. This stressed divine darkness – that God is ultimately incomprehensible and beyond all names or affirmations. Consequently, God is to be ‘‘known’’ paradoxically by denying or negating all the symbols or images for God that we conventionally use.

Deification describes the notion that human destiny is to share in God’s life of immortal glory not by nature or by will but by the work of the Spirit within. Gregory of Nyssa is perhaps best known as a spiritual theologian of the highest quality, not least through his text of mystical theology, The Life of Moses. Gregory represented the contemplative journey in terms of stages and ascent but, in contrast to Origen, the journey was towards darkness rather than light. 2006 10:32am Moses’ experiences in the Book of Exodus.

Transformation and mission are therefore key ideas for understanding Christian spirituality although, as we shall see, these dual elements are expressed differently in the various styles of spirituality. Every Christian spiritual tradition is an articulation in specific time–place contexts of the New Testament ‘‘model’’ of following Jesus faithfully. 2006 10:32am transformation of consciousness and conduct after the pattern of Jesus but not one based on mere repetition of Jesus’ actions. The ‘‘event’’ of Jesus Christ is also set in a particular time and place.

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