By Emanuele Severino

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The Quest for the Ark of the Covenant: The True History of the Tablets of Moses

In a chapel within the outdated crenellated church of Mary of Zion in Aksum, Ethiopia, is saved an item that emperors, patriarchs and monks have guaranteed the realm is an important spiritual relic of all time: the Tabota Seyon, Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Zion. This Ark is claimed to be a minimum of the Ark that Moses had developed at Sinai and which destroyed the partitions of Jericho.

The Inner Lives of Medieval Inquisitors

There were a variety of experiences in contemporary a long time of the medieval inquisitions, so much emphasizing higher social and political situations and neglecting the position of the inquisitors themselves. during this quantity, Karen Sullivan sheds much-needed mild on those members and divulges they'd choices—both the alternative of no matter if to play a component within the orthodox repression of heresy and, extra often, the alternative of even if to strategy heretics with zeal or with charity.

Studia Patristica. Volume XLIV: Archaeologica, Arts, Iconographica, Tools, Historica, Biblica, Theologica, Philosophica, Ethica

Papers offered on the 15th overseas convention on Patristic reviews held in Oxford 2007 (see additionally Studia Patristica forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight and 49).

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Adding Community to Generosity (and How to Get the IRS to Chip in) 60 19. The Mixed Blessing of Being Taken Seriously 63 20. Connecting the Congregation to the Budget 67 21. Trying Too Hard 70 22. A Contradiction in Terms 73 23. Love Those Phone Calls 76 24. Crippled by the Little Things 79 25. They Just Don't Get It 82 26. Firstfruits Family Evangelism 85 27. It Really Works 88 28. Self-Interest and Morality 91 29. Disposer of Human Remains 94 30. Remember Who You are 97 31. In the Right Place at the Right Time!

Near Wassau late that evening I traveled through a heavy thunderstorm, emerging on the other side into the darkness of a cloudy sky. Earlier that month the odometer on my old car had turned over 200,000 miles. For the past several weeks I'd had trouble with the alternator belt slipping. Then the battery would run down if I drove with the lights on. So I decided to stay the night in Wassau. I got off the bypass at an exit surrounded by well-lit motel signs. 95," parked the car, and walked to the office to register.

Then we can turn to the more technical aspect of the "how" question. For most of us, the "how" of our charitable activity consists of individually making simple cash contribu- Page 61 tions to persons or institutions. But I have recently discovered that cheerfulness in giving is multiplied when we join others in passing on Christ's generosity. We have long known that giving things rather than cash can multiply both the fun and amount of our charity. Farmers who give commodities to a charitable gift fund avoid federal, state, local, and self-employment taxes on the sale of those commodities (greatly increasing the gift since those taxes can often approach 50 percent).

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