By C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

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G. (Th~ I LOrse is being re placed by@ trad or. @--i I3) Before t he names of m usical ins truments used In a general ~[~~~iestJey pfays @ piano; ~lr. Priestley is leami ng@ violin. g. g . T like Shakespe are Lut it is mod ern drama t hat in teres ts me @ m% t . e t hea tre Will pare /least . and beforelsuperIatives~d as no uns, e g. This is filiP best I can do, @most he can get is a fmc of £S' . 1 ec tlves,u sed as nouns denot m a whole class. (IJW rich (= rich people) should help the poor (_ poor .

N ger. Tn place o[ mea t w e are having fish . land . Arrange the books i'l ord" of size. H e is b ofl d reach 0 dange r now . o repair. $11 d arkness. In r:ase o/. fire ring the bell. He d id it by way of help ing me. As soon as I set f oot on th e island he \~ shake hands with me. She IS going to kee house or. . The ship has set saU. This will easily catth E· ve ca m e _by landlb Ka /2Y air. To go on beard ship. . , To stay at home. . T o be out of doers. ax. but no! bv nighJ. H e is in debt/in troubk.

S,. hen use:d ,I' adj cc ti ~ es. are pronounced as lSS)llabtes [ l~,nld . :oly. 1II 0/ A Jj cctit"( s CHAPTER S IS E ( CO ~l PARI SO:\ OF A U j ECT I \ 'E Sj When one thing is compar~ or c~ntrasted with ~other (or oth ers) m respec t of a cert ain attribute, we use an mflect ior called CO~PAR ISO N' . ity) or in different degrees (supmority or inferiority ). It can also express supremacy of one person or th ing in respect of an attribute. ~ R ATl V F DEGREE, SUPERLATIVE DEGREE, Exampl~s': ' I Posi/it,ej old ho t careful Comparative 01 er h otte r more careful I l j' uperlalive '~: oldest p ".

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