By Robert T. Henderson

Ultra-modern pastors are in main issue, with breakdowns, abuse, confusion, and divorces achieving epidemic proportions. Robert T. Henderson keeps that there's a realm of non secular forces which attracts congregations towards demise. His answer is to energise pastors with a biblical realizing of the church's redemptive participation in Jesus' victory over the cosmic powers. They turn into "a door of hope.".

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After the episode on the mountaintop, I joined the discussions. Sometimes these were at periodic retreats, which we cherished as times to encourage each other to maintain the integrity of our ministries in light of the Vision. Our dialogue is interspersed throughout this book. There are risks to this approach. This book is intended to be a perilous and exciting attempt to open eyes to see the future that God wills. When the Vision is dynamic, real, and formative, pastoral ministry can become the arena that helps kingdom communities to emerge.

Ben confessed that he had been swept along by the affirmation and popularity he enjoyed. When he slowed down long enough to reflect on who he was and where he was going, he would ask himself, What has all of this to do with my vision? The vision of the community of the kingdom of God seemed to recede further and further. He felt seduced but unable to change course. In Andy's pilgrimage, the more he read, the more he became excited about the gospel and the church. Some members sensed his excitement and in response began to see with new eyes.

Neuza Itioka, Brazilian missionary. Certainly one of the most important issues worldwide missions must face in the 1990s is how to confront the destructive supernatural evil forces that oppose the missionary enterprise. For too long the Western church has tended toward an intellectual expression of its faith, failing to confront realistically the supernatural manifestations. 1 I also recognize that Satan, the god of this age, seeks to blind every mind (2 Cor. 4:4). The evil one is grasping to control the whole cosmos.

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