By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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8 It is never necessary for me to work on Saturdays. 9 When I am eighteen I'll be of age. Then it won't be necessary to live at home if I don't want to. 10 New teacher to his class: It isn't necessary for you to call me 'Sir'; call me 'Bill'. 11 Will it be necessary for us to report this accident to the police? 12 When you buy something on the installment system you are not required to pay the whole price at once. 13 Did you know enough English to ask for your ticket? It wasn't necessary to say anything.

B) Yes, I (wind) it on Monda (a) No, I . . (b) Yes, I (eat) some at Tom's party last week. (a) Yes, I think she . . (b) Yes, she (feed) him before lunch. (a) No, they . . (b) They only (repair) part of it so far. 5 Have they done their homework? (a) Yes, they (do) it all. (b) Yes, they (do) it before they left school. 6 Have you found the matches? (a) No, I . . (b) No, I (not find) them yet. 7 Have you made the coffee? (a) Yes, I ... (b) I (make) some yesterday: we can use that. 8 Have you been here before?

Have) a very good dinner if you only paid Ј3. 23 I have just watered the roses. ~ You . . (water) them. Look, it's raining now! 24 That carpet was made entirely by hand. ~ It . . (take) a long time. 25 The door was open. ~ It . . (be) open. I had locked it myself and the key was in my pocket. 26 He said that he watered the plants every day. ~ He . . (water) them. If he had they wouldn't have died. 27 He came out of the water with little red spots all over his back. ~ He . . (be) stung by a jelly-fish.

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