By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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This state of the art reference covers each element of ophthalmology, combining the most recent on genetics, diagnostic advice and strategies, confirmed administration suggestions, surgical ways, new medications, and extra. An esteemed writer group and contributions of 1000's of top-tier practitioners offer reliable counsel on essentially each ophthalmic and process.

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D E S C E M E T ' S M E M B R A N E . — T h i s also is structureless. 5. E N D O T H E L I U M . — T h i s is a single layer of cells which is prolonged backwards t o c o v e r the pectinate ligament and on t o the iris. I t is o w i n g t o this continuity t h a t pathological processes in the deeper layers of the cornea tend t o spread and lead t o such complications as iritis, iridocyclitis, and e v e n choroiditis. Since the healthy cornea is completely avascular, its nutrition is carried out b y diffusion from the vascular arcades at the limbus.

T R E A T M E N T . — A s for h y p o p y o n , w i t h special emphasis on carbolization o f the ulcer. Saemisch's section is sometimes necessary in unresponsive cases. ULCERATIONS 33 3. P h l y c t e n u l a r U l c e r . — V e r y c o m m o n l y occurs as a g r e y nodule near the limbus. I t has already been g i v e n a detailed description under D I S E A S E S O F T H E C O N J U N C T I V A , but when phlyctenular disease affects the cornea the following clinical types can b e seen : — a.

I t consists o f a central o p a c i t y composed o f irregular striations and it tends t o i m p r o v e spontaneously, but m a y leave some degree o f permanent o p a c i t y . T R E A T M E N T . — L o c a l steroid t h e r a p y is w o r t h a trial. 3. D i s k i f o r m K e r a t i t i s . — T h i s is a central g r e y infiltration in the middle layers o f the corneal stroma. I t often has a ' target ' appearance w i t h a v e r y dense ' bull's-eye Sometimes i t is associated w i t h a small h y p o p y o n .

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