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Because the standard staircase method is adopted in detecting the threshold in Full Threshold strategy it should have been named as standard threshold strategy rather than as full threshold strategy. 21 Typical test time ranges (minutes) comparative test times for four main threshold test algorithms. Percentages are relative to typical test time for full threshold 30-2 testing. From the above figure, you understand the test time for each selection of the test is as follows: 1. 30-2 FULL THRESHOLD 2.

The field analyzer determines the retinal sensitivity (threshold) at all predetermined points and plots them as raw data. From the raw data we have to find out the change in the retinal sensitivity at each point. The dissimilar retinal sensitivity values of the raw data do not indicate the visual field loss as the retinal sensitivity values at all points are not same even in the normal field. The retinal sensitivity value at the fovea is high and as we move towards the periphery, the values decrease.

High false negatives may indicate lack of attentiveness, fatigue or hypnosis. In general greater than 20% rate of false negative response is considered to be abnormal though the machine defaults to 33%. Fields should not be considered unreliable solely upon a false negative response rate, particularly if there is a great deal of pathology. In patients with advanced glaucomatous optic nerve damage we may get more than 50% false response which can be attributed in small shifts in fixation. ZONE 3- RAW DATA The raw data is the exact retinal sensitivity in dB units of the selected points calculated by field analyzer.

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