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Still if it is not impossible for me, < I shall come > when I decide to upon reflection. I say the same about my physical needs for which you pro­ vide so generously, not only by words but also by deeds. If you did not lavish such gifts on me continually and abundantly and devoutly, it would be up to me to ask for what I need. But since you seem to be doing what you do for me as if it were an obliga­ tion, it is superfluous for me to say anything. Perhaps even this matter will be properly discussed at the proper time.

The fire-breathing rhetoric or the saintly and most pious and proficient instruction? " In such an impeccable manner you deal a vital blow to the enemy of truth! Or is not the benefit of your teaching < to be admired >? Not only < the benefit > of those for whom it was written, but of us also who read it. For we are certainly taught about gentleness of spirit and the meaning of forbearance and the laws of double peace-I mean both the divine and human-and what was the peace that Christ bequeathed to His disciples and what is human peace, and how he who is to have the Holy Spirit dwell in him needs the divine peace.

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