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Educational Vocabulary in Use is the best examine relief for an individual utilizing English for his or her educational paintings. perfect for college kids of any self-discipline, from engineers or social scientists to enterprise scholars or attorneys, it covers the entire key vocabulary they'll encounter in educational textbooks, articles, lectures and seminars, letting them functionality with a bit of luck in an English-speaking educational

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On the whole: in general, in most ways (also: by and large) o He is, on the whole, a good student. o By and large, I agree with your suggestions. touch and go: risky, uncertain until the end o The complicated medical operation was touch and go for several hours. o The outcome of the soccer final was touch and go for the entire match. LESSON 29 to work out: to exercise; to develop, to devise (a plan) (S) o Jane works out at the fitness center every other morning before going to school. o The advertising department worked out a plan to increase company sales.

To screw up: to confuse, to scramble (S); to cause problems in (S) o Chris had trouble finding Jane's apartment because the addresses of the buildings screwed him up. o Instead of fixing the television set, the technician screwed it up even more. to goof up: to perform badly, to make a mistake (also: to mess up, to slip up) o I really goofed up on the exam today; did you mess up, too? o Karen slipped up when she forgot to deposit money into her checking account. to go off the deep end: to get very angry and do something hastily o Just because you had a serious argument with your supervisor, you didn't have to go off the deep end and resign, did you?

O Do you have to take off already? You just arrive an hour ago! to pull off: to succeed in doing something difficult (S); to exit to the side of a highway o The group of investors pulled off a big deal by buying half the stock in that company. I wonder how they pulled it off before the company could prevent it. o The motorist pulled off when the police officer turned on the red lights and the siren. to keep time: to operate accurately (for watches and clocks) This idiom is usually used with adjectives such as good and perfect.

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