By Joan Lingard

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No. ’ He stood up. ’ ‘I don’t have to do anything. I never do anything I don’t want to do. ’ She laughed and jumped up. ‘I know that. ’ ‘I’ll leave you at the head of it, I won’t come to your door. ’ They were friends again. They walked, hand in hand, through the streets, skirting the areas that were strung with barbed-wire barricades or that they knew might be troublesome. Once they had to take shelter in a doorway to get out of the path of two men. The men were running, feet clattering on the pavement, their breath gushing out in loud rasps.

Kevin glanced at him sideways. ’ ‘You’re a good patriot, aren’t you, Kevin? ’ ‘Well, of course I do, you know that. ’ They had reached the gate of the yard. Kate’s father was already moving around inside it sorting out bits of junk. Kevin raised his hand in greeting. ’ Kevin shrugged. ’ Kate’s father called, ‘come and give us a hand. ’ ‘Meet me later, Kevin,’ said Brian urgently. ’ ‘Kevin,’ called Mr Kelly again. ’ Kevin dashed off. ’ Brian shouted after him. Kevin helped release Mr Kelly who was half-pinned under the twisted chassis of a car.

I think we should be getting home, Linda,’ said Tommy. ’ said Linda. ‘I think perhaps he isn’t much of a Loyalist when it comes to the bit,’ said Steve. ’ Tommy stood up. ’ She followed him out. ‘You don’t even speak up for yourself,’ she said with annoyance. ’ ‘Why should I care about that? Anyway, not everybody belongs to the Orange Order just because they’re Protestants. ’ ‘Forget it, Linda,’ he said quietly. ‘All right,’ she sighed. He saw Sadie and Kevin ahead before Linda did. For a minute he thought of wheeling Linda about and taking her back along the road but it was too late.

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