By Mick Power

Adieu to God examines atheism from a mental standpoint and divulges how non secular phenomena and ideology are mental instead of supernatural in starting place.

  • Answers the mental query of why, within the face of overwhelming medical proof on the contrary, do religions proceed to prosper?
  • Looks at atheism and faith utilizing a good and balanced strategy according to the most recent paintings in psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry and medication
  • Acknowledges the numerous mental advantages of faith whereas nonetheless wondering the validity of its supernatural trust platforms and offering atheist choices to a satisfying existence
      Chapter 1 a brief heritage of faith (pages 1–31):
      Chapter 2 The Psychology of Religion—The kinds of general adventure (pages 33–60):
      Chapter three The Psychology of Religion—The sorts of irregular event (pages 61–87):
      Chapter four Social constructions and faith (pages 89–112):
      Chapter five faith, strength, and regulate (pages 113–139):
      Chapter 6 faith and well-being (pages 141–165):
      Chapter 7 how one can Be a fit Atheist (pages 167–179):

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Expressed more simply, at any point in time, consciousness acts as a central executive system that says, for example, of the many things that you could or should be doing at the moment, you can watch World Cup football for the next half-hour, but then you will need to get back to the exams you are supposed to be marking, and in between you will need to go to the toilet, eat a sandwich, and remember to put on the washing machine. Of course, just as you have sat down to watch England play Germany, the telephone rings but you decide to prioritize England’s heavy need of your support, so leave the telephone to switch to the answering machine.

Within the dualistic philosophies such as that proposed by Descartes, the specialness of consciousness leads to either its equation with an eternal and supernatural soul, or at least to the view that it is the location of a soul or psyche. Like most philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists in modern times, we reject the so-called “substance dualism” in which mind/soul and body are two completely different kinds of substances. At the other extreme, some modern philosophers, such as Daniel Dennett (1991) in his misleadingly titled book, Consciousness Explained, provide an eliminative reductionism, which ultimately dismisses consciousness as illusory.

That it is Baal who turns out to be the true god rather than Yahweh? Perhaps out of jealousy Baal would be more punitive towards believers in the wrong gods than he would be towards an apologetic atheist who turned up and said “Wow! ” An even worse outcome might be if you believed that God was a He, but he turned out to be a She who was absolutely fed up with thousands of years of misogynistic male-dominated religions. Now that would be some boost for feminism. Another problem, as others have pointed out, is that a feigned belief for the sake of betting on eternity might be viewed as worthy of even more eternal damnation by an omniscient god, akin to feigning love for someone when the genuine motive is not love but some other gain.

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