By Bruce Lyon

Agni is the Lord of fireside. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. the elemental premise of Agni Yoga is that this: There are not any exterior conditions which could defeat the human spirit. This e-book is concentrated in the direction of those that have a few familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. however the key lies of their sensible program. this is often the way in which we gas the hearth. The booklet has 3 sections: Meditation, research and repair. the 1st part describes the development of meditative paintings beginning with that spark of idea after we first make soul touch, via to complete soul-identification whilst the start up turn into an device of the better Will. This part comprises particular meditative workouts, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulation for use within the daily perform of Agni Yoga. The learn part incorporates a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, together with the elaborate interrelationships of the rays that create the full of life cloth of our sunlight procedure. A conception of astrological rulerships is additionally integrated. while you are inquisitive about the mysteries of color and quantity, the query of excellent and evil, the aim of the sacrifice of the sunlight angels or the mysteries of the artistic Hierarchies, this bankruptcy is definitely worthy a learn. The bounce of the Agni yogi is first a bounce in realization. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. however the fireplace of divine Will has to be introduced via Love into motion. The carrier part outlines the 4 levels for bringing Will into expression immediately in our daily lives

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This is different from acquiring manas). Some insight into the five Kumaras who are the source of manas in this system (developed in the last system) can be gained if they are recognised as the expression of Brahma related to the atmic plane. There were five Hierarchies liberated in the earlier system, and that liberation occurred from the atmic plane. In this system the liberation or entrance to the cosmic paths occurs from the monadic plane, and in the next system it will take place from the logoic.

These three ‘places’ of synthesis relate to each of the three solar systems and to the three-fold expression of the Sun. In the first solar system the Intelligence aspect was emphasised and the Third Ray monads dominated. In this second system there are a preponderance of Second Ray 29 monads, and in the third system the First Ray monads will find their day of opportunity. The three levels of synthesis are also related to one of the three planes of monadic expression. The synthesis of the matter aspect is related to the atmic plane, the synthesis of the soul is related to the monadic plane and the synthesis of the monad is related to the logoic plane.

In the first three years the flow is initiated by Shamballa. In the fourth year the flows are balanced and ‘at-oned’ on the buddhic plane. In the final three years the flow is initiated by humanity. 2004/5 sees the American elections and humanity as a whole has an opportunity to assess the results of the inflow in the early half of the cycle and decide for itself those principles it wants to anchor in the mental field to govern the last half of the cycle. In its higher reaches an invocation goes up to the atmic plane seeking the higher Will and ‘Light Supernal’.

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