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Saul Pinchas Rabinowitz, vol. 1 (Warsaw, 1890); the preface to the 3rd ed. is inserted and dated 1899. 2. Simon Dubnow, Mein Leben, ed. Elias Hurwicz (Berlin, 1937), p. 97. "3The hunger for meaningand the intrusionof ideology, however,often made it hard to respectthe integrityand othernessof the past. EntitledTheBookof Tears(on the basisof Psalms56:9),the anthology bespoke not only the Wissenschaftconsensusof Jewish history as an unendingordeal of nationalsuffering,but also the terribleconfirmationof that view by the recentwar.

Berlin, 1923-26), 1:14. 6. Salo W. Baron, "Ghetto and Emancipation," reprinted in The Menorah Treasury, ed. Leo W. Schwarz (Philadelphia, 1964), p. 63. 8One year later, as the eye of the fascist storm neared, Baron would counter with a defiantlyupbeat diaspora-oriented readingof Jewish history. "''For Dubnovthe Jewishpeople neverceased to be the subjectof theirhistory,to use the chargedand misleadingrhetoricof his time, and his researchassembledthe historicaldatato vindicatehis rejectionof Zionism in favor of nationalminorityrights for Jews whereverthey might reside.

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