By Rosalind Fergusson

Abbreviations take place in each element of our day-by-day lives. a few became phrases of their personal correct, like radar and laser, and lots of are virtually by no means utilized in their complete shape (phone, MOT, DVD). Others, like cf., ibid. and viz., are usually noticeable yet fewer and less people understand what they stand for. hundreds of thousands extra belong to expert jargon, understood through insiders - TLAs (three-letter acronyms) reminiscent of WAN or WAP and different acronyms comparable to NIMBY and BOGOF. This new publication offers motives for over 8,000 entries, and covers the whole variety of topic components together with legislations, computing, aviation, politics and drugs, in addition to chemical symbols and txt msgs. From GDP to WHO and CPR to IMHO, this ebook provide you with the which means of each abbreviation you ever puzzled approximately.

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METEOROLOGY cloudy 26. SCIENCE coefficient 27. cold 28. ANATOMY colon 29. colour 30. ZOOLOGY colt 31. CHEMISTRY concentration 32. MATHEMATICS constant 33. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS consul 34. MUSIC contralto 35. BUSINESS copy 36. ) 37. MILITARY corps 38. FINANCE cost 39. MEASUREMENTS cubic 40. MEASUREMENTS , NUCLEAR PHYSICS curie 41. PHYSICS the speed of light in a vacuum C 1. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING capacitance 2. MAPS cape 3. CHEMICAL ELEMENTS carbon 4. BUILDINGS castle 5. CHRISTIANITY Catholic 6.

BUILDINGS cathedral 2. CHRISTIANITY Catholic CATV US TV another name for cable television. Full form community antenna television CAV COMPUTING a CD-ROM that spins at a constant speed. Full form constant angular velocity cav. MILITARY cavalry CB 1. ONLINE call back (used in e-mails and text messages) 2. BUSINESS cash book 3. WINE chateau-bottled 4. RADIO radio frequencies used by the general public to talk to one another over short distances. Full form Citizens Band 5. ) 6. METEOROLOGY cumulonimbus CBC BROADCASTING Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cbd FREIGHT cash before delivery CBD 1.

1. CHRISTIANITY Congregational 2. POLITICS Congress 3. POLITICS Congressional conj. 1. GRAMMAR conjugation 2. ASTRONOMY, GRAMMAR conjunction 3. GRAMMAR conjunctive CONS COMPUTING connection-oriented network services cons. 1. RELIGION consecrated 2. MAIL consigned 3. MAIL consignment 4. PHONETICS consonant 5. POLITICS constitution 6. POLITICS constitutional Cons. 1. POLITICS Conservative 2. POLICE Constable 3. POLITICS Constitution 4. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Consul const. 1. MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS constant 2.

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