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In 1035, at Nesa, the Seljuks defeated Ghaznavid troops sent against them by Sultan Mas#ud. In 1038 the Ghaznavid troops suffered another defeat at Serakhs, and Nishapur was occupied by the Seljuks. ” Thus a new, Seljuk, state emerged that was soon to become one of the largest empires in the Islamic world. The Qarakhanid Qaghanate also underwent important changes by 1040. After the elimination of the Samanids, the qaghanate included Mavarannahr, Shash, Ferghana, Isfijab, Talas, Semirech’e, and the western part of the Tarim basin.

THE SECOND HALF OF THE 7TH CENTURY: EARLY ARAB RAIDS, THE TÜRGESH QAGHANATE, THE TANG EXPANSION, AND TIBET 17 © Yuri Bregel 2003 18 9. THE FIRST HALF OF THE 8TH CENTURY: THE ARAB CONQUESTS, TÜRKS, TANG, AND TIBET The Eastern Türk Qaghanate that was reborn in the 680s (see map 8) is usually called in scholarly literature the Second Qaghanate; it was ruled by the same Ashina dynasty, and its first qaghan was Elterish. His brother, Qapaghan Qaghan, succeeded him in 691, and during his rule, which continued until 716, the qaghanate reached the zenith of its might, having conducted several successful campaigns against China, defeated and subjected powerful nomadic groups in the east (Qitan) and north (Qïrghïz), and suppressed the rebellions of various Turkic tribes that had been the subjects of the First Türk Qaghanate (Oghuz and others).

The relative political equilibrium that existed in the Central Asian steppes in the 10th century was, however, upset with a wave of new nomadic migrations, which started at the eastern limits of the steppe belt (see map 13). pmd A B C E D Borders of the Uyghur state of Qocho U B 23 1 K IN ol A R G Ish To b Bulghar L G H im M D O Borders of the region occupied by the Qarakhanids since the 980s Borders of the Samanid state in the middle of the 10th century 990 Qarakhanid campaigns against the Samanids (with dates) Borders of the vassal states within the Samanid realm 965 Oghuz attacks on the Khazars and the Bulghars Borders of the Qarakhanid Qaghanate before the 980s 100 0 100 200 1 Defeat of the Samanid army by the Qarakhanids at Rabat-i Malik 992 300 400 KM 985 sh rtï I It i l Yayïq K K I A Ï P C Z H A Q S Qa r a S I G M Kucha (Kusan) Aqsu Uch U G Y U G Y U Q S Qomul (Hami) S R U H 3 m Tari L.

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