By Thomas Heath

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This vintage paintings strains Aristarchus of Samos's anticipation by way of millennia of Copernicus's innovative concept of the orbital movement of the earth. Heath's heritage of astronomy levels from Homer and Hesiod to Aristarchus and contains fees from a number of thinkers, compilers, and scholasticists from Thales and Anaximander via Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, and Heraclides. 34 figures.

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May there be. It would seem, as Tannery says, 17 that these clever people knew how to turn their ignorance to account as well as their knowledge. For them it was apparently of less consequence that their predictions should come true than that they should not let an eclipse take place without their having predicted it. 18 As it is with Egypt that legend associates Thales, it is natural to ask whether the Egyptians too were acquainted with the period of 223 lunations. We have no direct proof; but 39 Diodorus Siculus says that the priests of Thebes predicted eclipses quite as well as the Chaldeans, 19 and it is quite possible that the former had learnt from the latter the period and the notions on which the successful prediction of eclipses depended.

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Hiller, p. 198. 14–18. 8 Diog. L. 23 (Vorsokratiker, i2, p. 3. 19–21). 9 There is, however, yet another account purporting to be based on Eudemus. Clement of Alexandria (Stromat. i. ’ The last sentence was evidently taken from Tatian 41; but, if the rest of the passage correctly quotes Eudemus, it would appear that there must have been two passages in Eudemus dealing with the subject. 10 Tannery, Potir l’histoire de la science hellène, p. 56. 11 Herodotus, i. 74. 48 12 Other references are as follows: Cicero, De Divinatione i.

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