By Elizabeth A. Johnson

For millennia plant and animal species have got little sustained consciousness as matters of Christian theology and ethics of their personal correct. considering the human difficulty of sin and redemptive grace, theology has thought of the doctrine of construction to be in most cases an overture to the most drama of human being`s dating to God. What price does the flora and fauna have in the framework of spiritual trust? The concern of biodiversity in our day, whilst species are going extinct at greater than 1,000 occasions the ordinary cost, renders this query acutely important.Standard views have to be realigned; theology must glance out of the window, with the intention to communicate in addition to within the mirror. Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love results in the realization that love of the flora and fauna is an intrinsic section of religion in God and that faraway from being an add-on, ecological care is on the centre of ethical life.

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In community with the rest of creation, species become known as treasured beneficiaries of the gracious, life-giving God who is Alpha and Omega. * There is also grandeur in the view of life presented in the creed, this same evolving life embraced by the living God of love. This book’s dialogue between these two views hopes to offer a rich fare of challenge and insight to contemporary theology and the life of faith and morals it seeks to serve. Knowing the evolutionary story in some detail can open vistas of appreciation and deep wells of compassionate fellow-feeling toward other creatures.

The young Charles found the natural world created by God beautiful and full of wonder; close observation of it brought him intense joy. ”27 As he later recalled, this kind of personal experience of nature was intimately connected with a sense of God. 28 The Beagle journals are punctuated with this awareness. ”29 It was not only palm trees and jungle butterflies that awakened his sense of the transcendent. Contrasted with the rolling green hills of southern England, the sheer rocky vastness of the Andes mountains touched this chord, as seen in his account of climbing a mountain pass in Chile: When we reached the crest and looked backwards, a glorious view was presented.

Because the prevailing scientific belief was that each species came about by an independent act of creation, this is the position he was trying to disprove as he argued his theory. In virtually every instance he argues that the direct-creation theory offers no intellectually satisfying explanation of the appearance and location of species, compared with descent with modification: How inexplicable on the theory of creation is the occasional appearance of stripes on the shoulder and legs of the several species of the horsegenus and in their hybrids!

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