By David Mills

Transparent, concise, and persuasive, Atheist Universe info precisely why God is mindless to provide an explanation for the universe and life's variety, association, and sweetness. the writer completely rebuts each argument that says to ''prove'' God's lifestyles — arguments according to good judgment, logic, philosophy, ethics, historical past and technology.

Atheist Universe avoids the esoteric language utilized by philosophers and provides its clinical proof in uncomplicated lay phrases, making it a richly exciting and easy-to-read creation to atheism. A accomplished primer, it addresses all of the historic and medical questions, together with: Is there facts that God doesn't exist? What proof is there of Jesus' resurrection? Can production technological know-how reconcile scripture with the most recent clinical discoveries?

Atheist Universe additionally solutions moral concerns corresponding to: what's the that means of existence with out God? it is a spellbinding inquiry that finally arrives at a arguable and well-documented end.

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I was worried, however, about two potential dangers of staging a protest. First of all, the followers of this traveling faith healer were not the most sophisticated people in the world. And I was concerned that they might physically assault my friends and me as we peacefully carried our signs near the Miracle Rally. Second, I wanted to be extremely careful that our protest did not violate any technicality of the law, such as trespassing or blocking entrance to a public facility, for which the police might break up our demonstration.

This radiometric timeframe for the Shroud's origin coincides precisely with the first historical references to the Shroud, which likewise first appear during the Middle Ages. Any rational person would therefore conclude that the Shroud had its origins during the Middle Ages, not during the time of Christ. 58 Interview with an Atheist But no. Defenders of Christianity abandon all rationality in their zeal to offer the Shroud as evidence of Jesus' existence. For example, a team of Creation "scientists" in Colorado Springs, Colorado, claims that all of the radiocarbon tests performed on the Shroud were inaccurate because the Shroud was once in close proximity to a neighborhood fire!

Now, there is not a person on Earth who would believe that such logic proves anything, except that I had taken leave of my senses. I have not proven that Witch 3 cursed my garden because all of the premises of my argument are entirely fictitious. Yet equally vacuous "logic" is routinely proffered by Christian apolo- 38 Interview with an Atheist gists, and is gullibly swallowed by millions, who are comforted that their religious beliefs have been "proven" to be so logical. INTERVIEWER: A few minutes ago, you mentioned Carl Sagan.

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