By Antonin Rukl

The definitive Moon atlas is again! Revised, up-to-date, and greater with extended textual content and maps, this venerable atlas is the proper reference advisor for starting Moon-gazers and specialist lunar observers alike. besides grasp lunar cartographer Antonín Rükl’s beautiful maps, you’ll locate finished lists of lunar formations and points of interest. This new printing is additionally freed from pink ink, making it a lot more straightforward to exploit on the eyepiece.

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Chacornac, Rimae System of rilles inside Chacornoc and to the south of the crater, length up to 120 km (see also map 25). 1 °E] John Frederick Daniell, 1790- 1845. English physicist and meteorologist, inventor of the hygrometer. Elongated crater (30 x 23 km/2070 m). Daniell, Rimae [37°N, 26°E] System of rilles, length up to 200 km . 9°E] Sir William Robert Grove, 1 811 - 1896. English lawyer who carried out valuable research in physics. Crater (28 km). 7°N , 39 . 1°E] Hercules, hero of Greek mythology endowed with superhuman strength .

D'Arrest, 1822 1875. German astronomer. Studied comets and asteroids . Crater with a disintegrated wall (30 km/1490 m) . 3°E] Caius Julius Hyginus, 1st cen ry AD . Spanish by origin, friend of Ovid. Descri constellations and their mythology. 6 km/770 m). 3°E) Shallow valley, partially formed by a chain of craters. Length 220 km. 4°E] Julius Caesar, 100-44 BC. Roman Emperor honored by Riccioli because his reform of the calendar. Flooded crater with a wide wall and a dork R (90 km). Lenitatis, Locus (Lake of Tenderness) .

There is a series of rilles west of the crater Sulpicius Gallus, which parallel 28° the Haemus mountain range. 4°E] Sir Frederick G. Banting, 1891- 194 l. Canadian physician . Simple crater (5 km/l l 0 0 m). 5°E] E. Bobillier, 1798- 1840. French geometer. 5 km/1230 m). 1 °E] Ira Sprague Bowen, 1898- 1973. American astronomer. Crater with a flat floor (9 km). Buckland , Dorsum [21 °N, l 2°E] William Buckland, 17 48- 1856. British naturalist. Wrinkle ridge, length 150 km . 7°E] GobrielAuguste Doubree, 1814- 1896.

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