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Connect the other analyzer input across the connection from the generator output to the DUT input terminals (see Figure 32). On sophisticated analyzers, this capability may be available via internal cables and switches, via a generator monitor path, which also manages any necessary polarity inversions in order to obtain the correct display. Phase Meter Instrument Criteria Phase resolution, accuracy, the minimum amplitude at which phase may be measured, and the acceptable frequency range of signals are the most important criteria for phase meters.

Dynamic and transient intermodulation test techniques were developed in an effort to isolate these phenomena. Most proposed DIM/TIM test techniques therefore implement a signal with a rapidly-changing (high slew rate) component. The most popular technique was proposed by Schrock and Otala. The signal (see Figure 29) consists of a band-limited square wave (typically around 3 kHz) plus a high frequency sine wave “probe tone” of one-fourth the peak-to-peak amplitude of the square wave. The rise and fall sections of the square wave stress any portions of the SQUARE WAVE » 3 kHz LOWPASS FILTER 30–100 kHz SINE WAVE » 15 kHz DEVICE UNDER TEST TRUE RMS DETECT.

V BANDPASS FILTER DET. V Figure 37. Block diagram, real time analyzer (RTA). quencies across the band (see Figure 37). Each filter is followed by a detector and indicator. The input signal is split out to all filters. The number of filters and their center frequencies are chosen to be consistent with the bandwidth of each filter, so that adjacent filter curves cross at the –3 dB point. To cover the 20 Hz–20 kHz spectrum with 1/3 octave bandwidth filters in an RTA, for example, requires about 31 filters.

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