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According to a number of newly stumbled on texts, Augustine and Manichaean Christianity offers groundbreaking discussions of the connection among the main influential church father of the West and the faith of his early life. Augustine’s reference to Manichaean Christians was once not just excessive, but in addition enduring. This ebook reveals the basic historical past of writings similar to Augustine’s Confessiones, De ordine and De vera religione, and discloses many a hidden Manichaean resource of his robust recommendations of reminiscence and the imaginative and prescient of God. Contributions through, between others, Iain Gardner, Therese Fuhrer, Jason BeDuhn, Majella Franzmann, Josef Lössl, Annemaré Kotzé and Nils Arne Pedersen.

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12 jason david beduhn applying the allegorical method to translate biblical content into maxims and lessons for living, as well as deeper philosophical propositions about the ultimate meaning of life. This second wave of “Catholicization”—following his initial conversion—did not, however, spell the end of his engagement with Manichaeism, and he found that his liminal status between the two forms of Christianity had become something like a permanent part of his identity. 2. Augustine’s Mediating Position between Manichaean and Catholic Christianity Augustine had two reasons for remaining, despite the risks, between Manichaean and Catholic Christianity in his literary persona as a leader of the Catholic community.

We may suppose that the analysis of Faustus’ Biblical quotations will provide us with some clues about Augustine’s knowledge of Scripture during his Manichaean years. 2. Context of the Old Testament Quotes Because of the quantity of the work itself and the large number of Biblical quotations, the focus here is on the Old Testament. This is still a rather large field, and to come to grips with it, it is useful to have an idea of the context of the quotations. 15 question. In relation to Adimantus’ Disputationes, Augustine also said in Retractationes I,22,1 that the work fell into his hands (uenerunt in manus meas …).

Quibus eadem illustres tradiderint angeli temperandae in hominibus gratia feritatis—cui non uideatur hoc eum de ueritatis dixisse lege et eius prophetis? 70 See, for example, Tertullianus, Adversus Marcionem IV,9,14; cf. Löhr 1996:79. For Marcion and his teachings, see Harnack 1924, May 2002 and Räisänen 2005. 71 See May 1997:197. 72 See c. 3 (CSEL 25,1; 499–500,2): quod si et tibi ita intellegere placet, non ab re erit et illud dixisse Iesum, quia non venit solvere Legem, sed adimplere. Sin haec nostra tibi displicet expositio, aliam quaere: tantum ne Iesum mentitum dicere cogaris; aut te necesse sit Iudaeum fieri: ne etiam nunc Legem solvere perseveres, quam ipse non solvit.

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