By Michael W. Ford

The Luciferian course is one that routines the sanctification of Self via activating features of the Adversary specifically shape. This technique, hugely at odds with conventional occult assumptions, is hard to navigate for Practitioners simply getting begun. those are the questions this manuscript solutions. the 1st a part of this booklet bargains with theoretical and methodological foundations of magick. the second one half takes a glance at prior books via ritual, observation and steered practices. Reprinted works were refocused and expounded upon with extra directions for the newbie

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I drink in honor of the Horned One I drink the blood of Abel I become as the Beast on earth Hail thou self, О Cain awakened! Drink from chalice, end ritual. TIAMAT - The Rite of Self Creation Initiation Ritual 2 The aim of self-creation is to continually evolve, mutate and become something better. This ritual is a Mass of Tiamat, holding a gateway to her abyss as the primal form of Lilith. Tiamat or Azhdeha is Lilith in her most primal and draconian form; the very possibility of her manifestation and a circle of deific power for those who may have the mind and courage to tap this source.

Imagine what you could do for yourself with such information! THE CIRCLE CASTING RITUAL "The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers body, both of spirit/celestial and flesh/infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician. "ADAMU The circle casting ritual in Luciferian Magick is based around not banishing, however asserting power and raising the spirit to specific points of power.

Let the Athame be the dagger which is used to Will the mind to self-creation. Cast your circle (SHADOW OF CAIN) as you are the center of time, each quarter being an expansion of your Being and thus your Will. HOLD THE ATHAME TO THE ALTAR: 'Awake Azazel, fire spirit who brings the knowledge of weapons and defense! Awake Gadrel, who knows of death as initiation and the form of the serpent, whose knowledge of the instruments of death shall be our gift and knowledge! Awake Kasyade, who has knowledge of the fallen ones, of shades and demons, whose art of encircling lives on through us!

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