By Richard Dansky

Baby of sunshine The warrior Dace and his younger cost, Yushuv, have been already at the run from the inquisitors and huntsmen of the world. Now, within the wilds of the Scavenger Lands, they face an ageless, relentless enemy with merely the Unconquered solar to aid them Priest of Darkness in additional dire straits nonetheless, the priest Eliezer Wren braves the Underworld itself to flee the Prince of Shadows. yet darkish powers watch for him there, decided to bend him to their will - or holiday him if he refuses.

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His bloody lips caught her scream even as he held her to him, and then he thrust forward with the pike. He could feel it slide through his body and into hers with a m p , and then the blood on his tongue was warm and fresh as she died. “A dead man doesn’t care about a piece of wood in him, you know,” he said to the corpse sagging off the pike shaft that ran him through. The cadaver, still spurting blood, fell to the floor, and he gingerly drew the remainder of the pike’s handle from his back. After a moment’s reflection, he dropped it on the floor near his latest victim.

Dace set down his own bowl, now empty, and belched explosively. “Ahh. ” “Dace,”Yushuv said warningly. “Don’t try to change the subject. ” The older man shrugged, and leaned forward on his haunches. “You’ve got a mark on your forehead, Yushuv, same as mine. Well, not quite the same; yours shines a little brighter. That means you’ve been given power by the Unconquered Sun, and specifically in his aspect as the lightbringer at dawn. That’s how I understand the theology, and it means that whatever life you used to have,” the boy flinched at that, visibly, “is over.

He sniffed, then sat up abruptly. “Hey now! Don’t stop turning supper just because your eyes are somewhere else! Keep your mind on your tasks, boy. ’ 41 & Belatedly, Yushuv jerked his gaze back from the heavens to the hunk of deer on the spit. A single breath was enough to tell him that the bottom of the meat was in fact burning, and he hurriedly restarted the cranking process lest more of it be scorched. ” The older man made a lazy wave, and took a long pull from the wineskin. “Not to worry.

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