By Jana Dixon

Finished guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, workouts, dietary application and a singular method of the technology of non secular alchemy. a tremendous innovation in knowing the transformational technique and the spiritualization of the physique.

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Love of course is the opposite of abandonment. Self-responsibility, that is becoming responsive to Self is none other than freedom, enlightenment sovereignty and Individuation. this must be fully understood and “allowed” in order for spiritual substantiation. That is the body must be allowed to transmute for incarnation to become Real. Our culture tends to prevent physical spiritualization of the body and thus neither emotion, mind nor spirit tends to grow. By understanding the changes to the nervous system, metabolism, hormones and all facets of the bio-physics and chemistry of kundalini we can work-with the changes to increase our adaptive and homeostatic abilities.

We “must” get over our myopia of simply dealing with symptoms and get quickly to the root-causes of things. We need origins-ology to become the 31 foundations of all sectors of human thought, as the first and primary impulse of the process of consciousness itself. This change from the degenerative to the regenerative state is brought about individual by individual, ultimately resulting in a regenerative or truly humane civilization that does not spread forth upon the face of the earth trillions of tons of toxins and agricultural biocides.

The more you do so, the more Nature will be your ally. We want Nature to work for us, not against us, therefore we must comply with Nature’s mandate and thus have the powers of creation on our side. ” 27 CONSCIOUS INCARNATION “Our challenge is to recognize and develop the biological potential within. ” Joseph Chilton Pearce Kundalini is the miracle of life itself quickened and amplified. Metamorphosis must be made increasingly conscious in order to reach and stabilize higher homeostasis and meta-adaptation to spirit.

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