By Kerri Hawkins

The tale of Ryan Alexander maintains during this 3rd installment of the Blood Legacy sequence. even if superficially such as a vampire, Ryan possesses all the legendary creature's skills and none of its weaknesses. Surrounded by means of historic beings who search to dominate her by means of strength or seduction, she has turn into the main strong of her sort. because of Victor's sickness, she is forced to guide the hierarchy. Ryan assumes command yet is stricken by means of darkish goals, photos that don't belong to any of her type. With growing to be drawback, Ryan realizes the desires belong to 1 previous her father. simply as she starts to solidify energy, new enemies seem, difficult not just her supremacy yet her perception of all that she is. as soon as notion immortal, she is faced with the incredible: defeat and destruction. For the 1st time in her lifestyles, Ryan faces the potential for loss of life. And even supposing the various predators of her sort might face this type of destiny with horror or dread...Ryan unearths it exhilarating.

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The hand was accepted, although this occupant needed no assistance. A strikingly beautiful older woman stepped from the vehicle. Regal and mesmerizing, she flowed with a grace that was hypnotic. She raised her eyes to Ryan, and Ryan felt the gaze pierce her to her core. The wave of power emanating out from the woman washed over her, bringing her both pleasure and discomfort. Ryan knew she displayed none of this outwardly, and knew just as surely Abigail was fully aware of it. Those in the entourage watched the scene, astonished.

Ryan felt her anger rise, but maintained her composure. ” Abigail was calm, but unyielding. “Perhaps not by harming her. ” Ryan was unyielding as well. “Then let us hope Dr. ” Ryan took one last look at her father, briefly touching the hands folded on his chest, then joined Abigail at the doorway. ” Ryan led Abigail down the hallway and through double doors that opened inward into a brightly lit room. ” Abigail surveyed the suite, noting it was decorated in the pale blues and whites she preferred.

Although Ryan was seven centuries old, her power rivaled that of those twice her age. Ryan was thoughtful. She had once wondered why there were not more of their Kind if all eventually became immortal. She now understood the deadliness of the Change, the irresistible, predatory urge to kill one another, and the limitations on reproduction that served to check their population. And then there was the purge. Ryan frowned. That had been barbaric, even for their Kind. Until very recently, Ryan had been unaware of the purge.

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