By Jo Clayton

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I don’t know. Tre, you want to go on with this? ” Trago shrugged. His eyes were frightened and his hands tightened into fists, but he was pretending he didn’t care. “Do I don’t I, what’s it matter? You said it, Kori. ” She moved her shoulders, straightened her legs out. “Oooh, I’m tired. ” “Uh huh. ” She rubbed at her stomach, ran her hand over the crystal. “Moon Meadow’s down a little and around the belly of the mountain. The Kalathi twins and Herve are summering there with a herd of silkgoats.

2. Two Months Earlier And A Thousand Miles South And West Along The Coast From Jade Halimm. In Owlyn Vale Of The Fifth Finger, Events Prepare For The Knife In Brann’s Back SCENE: Late, the Wounded Moon in his crescent phase, just rising. One of the walled households in Owlyn vale. A small bedroom in the children’s wing. Three narrow beds in the room, one sleeper, a girl about thirteen or fourteen, the other beds empty. The door opens. A boy of seven slips through the gap, glides to the girl and takes her by the shoulder, shakes her awake.

He…” His eyes glazed over, his head jerked. ” He blinked.

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