By Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Written through a famous pupil of the Nyingma tuition of Tibetan Buddhism, it is a survey of Buddhism in Tibet, and an account of the doctrine and historical past of the 4 significant Buddhist colleges of Tibet - Nyingma, Kagyd, Sakya, and Gelug, with lists in their significant monastic associations. an summary of Tibetan literature is usually supplied, with a precis of either the secualr and non secular literature of Tibet, and specific emphasis at the scope of literary works of the 4 significant Buddhist colleges. a useful reference publication, BUDDHIST CIVILIZATION IN TIBET is exclusive in that it offers an entire diversity of knowledge on Tibetan faith and literature, with vast scholarly info, in one compact quantity.

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They were: Ngog-Ton Cho-Ku Dor-Je (rNgog-sTon Ch’ossKu-rDo-rJe), Tshur-Ton W ang-Ngo (mTshur-Stong dBang-Ngo), MeyTon Tshon-Po (Mes-sTon Tshon-Po) and Milarepa (mi-La Ras-Pa). Milarepa (1040-1123) was Marpa’s greatest disciple and much of the teaching of this school passed through him. He was one of the most famous yogis and poets in Tibetan religious history. When he was young he took up the practice of black magic in order to take revenge on the enemies of his family. Through the powers he gained practicing black magic he destroyed his enemies’ crops and killed 37 people.

7) Chab-Do (Ch’ab-mDo) Monmastery: This monastery is located ■n the Kham province of Eastern Tibet. It was built by Tsong-Kha-Pa’s disciple, Cham-Chen Choje in 1437. , 8) sKu-a’Bum Monastery: This monastery is located in the Amdo Province of Eastern Tibet at the birthplace of Tsong-Kha-Pa. It was built ,With the advice and blessing o f the third Dalai Lama, Sod-Nam GyaTsho (bSod-Nams rGya-mTsho) (1543-1588). It has residences for 3700 j£onks and has three colleges. One of the colleges is for medicine and p*® other two are for Sutric and Tantric study and practice.

He received the special Lam-Dre teachings from Mahasiddha Bairupa himself who came to the Sakya monastery by his miraculous power and stayed and taught for one month. Two of Sa-Chen Kun-Ga Nying-Po’s sons Sod-Nam Tse-Mo (bSod-Nam s rTse-Mo, 1142-1182) and Trag-Pa Gyal-Tshen (Grangs-Pa rGyal-mTshan, 1147-1216), became great scholars and Siddhas. Their younger brother’s son, KunGa Gyal-Tshen (Kun-dGa’ rGyal-mTshan, 1181-1251), became the greatest scholar of the Sakyapa school. He was recognized as the highest authority on the teachings of the lineage.

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