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To Alice. Twenty pounds a week, Which BBC 2. It was cold and rainy. 1. How long It takes me 20 minutes, m. What I've had it permed. 4 Write a short question with a preposition to follow these statements. Example He gave away all his money. Who to? a. We're going on holiday next week. b. I'd like to have a word with you, please. n. The Daily Mail. o. Novels and short stories. 2 Write an appropriate question, using like either as a verb or as a preposition. Example Do you like fish? (verb) What's she like?

Danger! ) a humorous way. A lot of it sounds With trembling hands you light a cigarette to like spoken English, as though two calm your nerves. A what! How dare you? In , people were talking to each other. comes your colleague. Ms Brown, all ready for a Find examples of this. busy day, blonde hair and make-up in place. Do you think she's heard about the cancer scare ciconcerning hair dyes and eye-liners? *• Language focus At last lunch-time comes. You join your mates in the local for a sandwich.

J. k. 1. m. Excuse me! Mind the step. Sorry! Pardon? I don't care what he does, It serves him right. Here you are. Come on! What's up? It's up to you. Do you want this one or that one? B Thank you. Where to? I don't feel very well. Ouch! Too late. I don't mind. You choose. Never mind. It doesn't matter. I'll say it again for you. Oh, no. I hate decisions. Why? What did he do? All right. All right. I didn't mean to be nosy. O Yes, can I help you? D What, again? O That's not very nice. I thought you two were friends.

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