By Paul A. Davies, Tim Falla, Kathy Gude, Mary Stephens

The recent multi-level examination practise sequence for Cambridge ESOL tests which encourages scholars to raised examination effects.

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C So far ( .......... (phone) Jim five times this morning but I haven't managed to catch him yet. d If you ..... . (read) the book I lent you. can ( can have it back now? e Opera singer Pa va roui .... (travel) round the country all summer giving performances. cha nce to go to Rwa nda to track w ild mountain gori llas. Th e tri p was no t w ithou t danger. An armed so ld ie r 6 accompany us to scare off the buffalo which 7 attack a previous group. Our gu ide 8 cut J pat h through th e u nd ergrow th and we 9 follow.

7 a My b rot her is planni ng to travel rou nd Europ e with his girlfriend next year, but now she 's change d her mi nd . 11 th e last minute, c She is about to la ke a mou thf ul of wine wh en s he noticed th e was p in her glass , d J hadn 't rea lised my mother-in -law will slay until the end of the month , B in 3. Underline th e tim e co nj unc tions in a -c a nd ma tc h the ve rb forms wh icb follo w th em with 1- 3. We'll be go ing to (he beach as so o n as the rain has slopped . 1 want (0 try them.

Wh ich do you think is more m is you grow o lder - your childhood or you r tee nage years? b Souvenirs cau bring back hap py m of special events. C The cha irman has asked to be r in good time abo ut the ann ual meeting. d My first day a t work was u [or a number of very int eresting reaso ns. e Please do n' t 1.. to ph on e your aun t. It' s her b irthd ay tomor row. e Sam 's profr-sslona lism was ca lled into /at/ for/ un th question by his actions. After queuing for tickets for several ho urs in the rain, tempers wer e begi nn ing to get/behave/go / have ve ry frayed , g The vibra n t cultural life is one of the capital city's main [J ulls/draws/impacts/effecls.

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