By Gerald G. May

Even though secular psychology addressed very much approximately how we turn out to be the best way we're and the way we'd dwell extra successfully, it may possibly supply not anything when it comes to why we exist or how we should always use our lives," writes Gerald might during this vintage dialogue of the character of latest religious counsel and its dating to counseling and psychiatry. For hundreds of thousands turning for solutions to the realm of the spirit, may possibly exhibits how psychiatry and religious path are alike, how they supplement each other, and the way they finally diverge.

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Thus, unitive experiences can only really be identified in retrospect. Another paradox is involved in the fact that unitive experiences can never be personally achieved, because all thoughts or intents towards making the experience happen are inherently self-defining. It is possible to increase one’s openness, receptivity, and responsiveness to unitive experiences, but it is not possible to make them happen. Gerald G. D. / 37 An experience of union, of course, does not imply that an individual is really any more at one than before or after the experience.

Do chemicals create thoughts? Do thoughts create chemicals? Do they somehow create each other? Does God create both? I suspect that the answer is yes to all four questions. The brain mediates experience in ways so intimately bound to experience itself that the two cannot be separated. ” Of course this anatomical figment has not been discovered. This is fortunate, for if the soul were found to be such a tangible and objective entity, we would almost certainly attempt to alter it in some way. Many modern scientists now seem to be coming round to the more ancient spiritual appreciation of soul as the essence of individual being, the mysterious reality of how our brains and bodies exist and behave.

Evil takes many forms. It can be expressed through cultural and societal attitudes that encourage attachment to desire and self-aggrandizement. It can occur as the theological demonic, in which something other than God becomes our ultimate concern. And, especially in the course of intentional spiritual searching, evil can surface in the form of real spiritual forces (spirits) that seek to divert and sabotage our journey towards deeper realization of God’s truth and will. In spiritual guidance, it often seems that this fourth force becomes increasingly important as one matures, and with it comes an increasing need for careful discernment.

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