By Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

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Mechanic 2: That's going to take a lot of paint. Mechanic 1: It sure is. I want you to use spray booth number one. But first, I need you to knock out those dents. Answer Key 37 Audioscripts Mechanic 2: Do you think I'll have to remove the panels? Mechanic 1: Probably. Once you're done, use the sander to remove the old paint from the entire vehicle. Mechanic 2: Will do. Mechanic 1: And be sure to wear a ventilator. You don't want to be inhaling that paint dust. Mechanic 2: All right. Then should I apply the primer?

So what property does an insulator exhibit? Student: I know this, it's the opposite of conductivity. Oh! It's resistance. Teacher: Exactly. Insulators are forms of electrical resistance. Now, which type of current only flows in one direction? Student: That's AC. Teacher: Actually, that's incorrect. Student: Oh, it's DC. I always mix that up! Unit 2 Salesperson (F): Hi, is there anything I can help you with? Mechanic (M): Yeah actually I'm looking for a multi meter that has a continuity detector function.

Does that work? Customer: That'1I work. Thanks so much. Unit 6 UnitS Owner (M): Sand ra, do you have the schedule for today? Secretary (F): Yes, AI, it's right here. Why do you ask? Owner: An emergency call has come in, and I've got to find someone to take it. So, what are our mechanics up to today? Secretary: First, Carl has an air conditioner installation at the new City Annex. Owner: I thought he wrapped that up last week. Secretary: No, the new unit ventilator didn't arrive until yesterday.

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