By David Eli Lilienthal

Own convictions of a public reputable at the fingers race and fallacies general within the nuclear age akin to the peaceable Atom, disarmament, etc.

summary: own convictions of a public professional at the fingers race and fallacies familiar within the nuclear age similar to the peaceable Atom, disarmament, and so on

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It 44 is almost THE MYTHOLOGY OF DISARMAMENT certain today that the Soviet Union would be unable commit China to disarmament. With the West and to the Soviet disarmed the Chinese could make a mockery of the very objective of disarmament: peace in the world. Even a serious prospect that both the great powers might disarm could be disturbing to peace-loving peoples in Asia, under the shadow of China. On from the other side (but to a lesser degree) it is far Kingdom and the United clear that the United now speak for the Republic of France on a disarmament program, perhaps even on a test ban.

Atomic energy was the product of many different kinds of specialized knowledge. Its achievement represents a very high order of imagination and creativity indeed, but it is also a high point in the fragmentation of knowledge and of responsibility for knowledge. So complex an achievement as atomic energy, with so many ramifications, coming so suddenly and under circumstances that required secrecy, required a high degree of compartmentalization. The scientific the techthe military the diplomatic the politinological cal even the grave ethical implications were cus- tomarily dealt with as separate kinds of expertise.

The President, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors, University Trustees, and individuals went all out for a hole-in-the-ground program. Many scienset off tists, speaking as values, and who men with common as scientists sense and knew how human technically against it to on such a scale, warned Yet less than a year after the onset of this nation-wide campaign it was difficult to find any but the remnants of the back-to-your-caves movefutile this no idea is avail, at the time. ment. Assumption No. 5: "Atoms for Peace" President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace Program launched before the United Nations is another casualty, still alive As a result of his moving espousal of this step toward an end of nuclear despair, an international atomic agency was set up and is operating, but in a wheelchair.

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