By John W., Conrad L. Stantiski, Peter C. Jurs Moore

Open CHEMISTRY: THE MOLECULAR technological know-how and take a trip into the gorgeous area of chemistry-you will locate it attention-grabbing and powerfully allowing! This well known and easy-to-read textual content delivers the cast beginning you will have for fulfillment in each technological know-how and engineering path you're taking. each "Problem-Solving instance" encompasses a "Strategy and rationalization" part, which in actual fact describes the method and method selected to unravel the matter. good fortune on your path is inside of your grab with CHEMISTRY: THE MOLECULAR technology, 3rd version.

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Jurs State College, Pennsylvania Copyright 2008 Thomson Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Special Features CHEMISTRY IN THE NEWS Nanoscale Transistors 21 Running Out of an Element? 69 Dietary Selenium 111 Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water 112 Smothering Fire—Water That Isn’t Wet 145 The Breathalyzer 189 How Small Can a Calorimeter Be? 245 Can Hydrogen Be Stored in Tiny Tanks? 255 Single-Electron Spin Measurement 294 Olive Oil and Ibuprofen 366 Hydrogen Bonding and Atmospheric Aerosol Pollution 414 Nitrogen in Tires 437 Hazy Observations 468 Melting Below Zero 509 Brilliant Colors in Paintings 535 Superabsorbent Polymers 585 Protease Inhibitors and AIDS 651 Catalysis and Coal 654 Bacteria Communicate Chemically 698 Bubbling Away: Delicate and Stout 737 Buckyballs and the Environment 745 Snow, Salt, and Environmental Damage 751 Acids in Hippo Sweat 778 Plant Crystals 858 Biofuels 904 Hybrid Cars 957 Building a Repository for High-Level Nuclear Waste 1001 Glass Sea Sponge: Delicate but Strong 1022 Gold Nanoparticles in Drug Delivery 1079 CHEMISTRY YOU CAN DO Preparing a Pure Sample of an Element 70 Pumping Iron: How Strong Is Your Breakfast Cereal?

Both the number and the unit should be included in calculations. 1 have units of grams per milliliter (g/mL), because density is defined as the mass of a sample divided by its volume. When a mass is divided by a volume, the units (g for the mass and mL for the volume) are also divided. The result is grams divided by milliliters (g/mL). That is, both numbers and units follow the rules of algebra. This is an example of dimensional analysis, a method of using units in calculations to check for correctness.

Calculate the mass of gold and express the result in pounds (lb). Based on your result, is what the movie shows physically possible? 4 ϫ 105 g; 300 lb Strategy and Explanation A good approach to problem solving is to (1) define the problem, (2) develop a plan, (3) execute the plan, and (4) check your result to see whether it is reasonable. 1). Step 1: Define the problem. You are asked to calculate the mass of the gold, and you know the volume. Step 2: Develop a plan. Density relates mass and volume and is the appropriate proportionality factor, so look up the density in a table.

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