By Daniel Pedoe

This revised version of a mathematical vintage initially released in 1957 will convey to a brand new new release of scholars the joy of investigating that least difficult of mathematical figures, the circle. the writer has supplemented this new version with a distinct bankruptcy designed to introduce readers to the vocabulary of circle strategies with which the readers of 2 generations in the past have been usual. Readers of Circles want in simple terms be armed with paper, pencil, compass, and immediately part to discover nice excitement in following the structures and theorems. those that imagine that geometry utilizing Euclidean instruments died out with the traditional Greeks could be pleasantly shocked to profit many fascinating effects that have been in simple terms came upon nowa days. newcomers and specialists alike will locate a lot to enlighten them in chapters facing the illustration of a circle by means of some extent in three-space, a version for non-Euclidean geometry, and the isoperimetric estate of the circle.

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This final point 0 is the centre of circle ABC. The reader should carry out this construction for himself. To find where two lines determined by points A,B and C,D respectively meet, we invert with respect to any suitable circle, centre 0, say. If the respective inverse points are A',B' and C',D', the intersection of the circles OA'B' and OC'D', other than 0, is the inverse of the point required. We can draw these circles, by the above construction, and find this point. Bright students often rediscover this compass geometry for themselves, and are dashed to find that it was fully investigated, without the benefit of inversion, by Mascheroni in La Geometria del Compasso, Pavia, 1797.

I) c = k2 > 0. Any circle of the system may be written in the form (x + A)2 + y2 = A2 - k2 . For real circles, we must have A2 > kI2. There are two circles of zero radius in the system, with centres at (- k, 0) and (k, 0). These points, which we denote by L and L', are called the limiting FMG. 22 points of the system. No circles of the system have their centres between L and L'. OA' = Vs = OL2 , and it follows that L and L' are harmonic conjugates with respect to A and A'. Hence any circle through L and L' cuts all circles of the coaxal system orthogonally.

2 (i) If both circle Wand 9 pass through the centre 0 of inversion, they transform into straight lines parallel to the tangents to FIa. 12 and 9 at 0, so that the theorem is evident. % FG. 13 (ii) If at least one of the circles A, 9 does not pass through 0, let P be a point of intersection of the two circles, and let 1, m be the tangents at P to W, 9 respectively. We may draw a circle T, through 0 which touches 1at P, and a circle 91 through 0 which touches m at P. Then the angle between W, and 91 is the same as that between W and 9.

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