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October 1826 Appointed president of UVM. August 18, 1828 Lucia died. March 1829 Published review of Moses Stuart's Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews in Christian Spectator. Winter-Spring 1829 Published nine articles on popular education in Vermont Chronicle. November 1829 Published "Preliminary Essay" and first American edition of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Aids to Reflection. 1830 Awarded honorary doctor of divinity by Columbia College. May 1830 Published Select Practical Theology of the Seventeenth Century.

47 His essays in The North American Review and The Quarterly Christian Spectator, as well as the famous "Preliminary Essay," are good indications of his attitude during these years. Ostensibly a review of a book by Ludovico Gattinara di Breme defending modern Romantic literature, the essay entitled "Ancient and Modern Poetry" exhibited a sensitive and broad understanding of how an emerging modern sensibility resulted from a new relationship between faith, reason, and imagination.  . " Page 17 Modern education enforced this conflict: We are taught to exclude the influence of feeling, and reduce the operations of the whole soul to the measured movements of a machine under the control of the will.

1817 Received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth. November 1817 Entered Andover Theological Seminary. 1818 Returned to Dartmouth as a tutor. September 1820 Visited Cambridge and Harvard and attended evening lectures. November 1820 Returned to Andover to complete ministerial studies.  . " May 1822 Visited New Haven, New York, Princeton, and Philadelphia. July 18, 1822 Published "Ancient and Modern Poetry" in North American Review. September 1822 Completed ministerial studies at Andover. December 1822 Completed translation of Bellerman's Geography of the Scriptures at home in Hartford, Vermont.

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