By Arthur S. M. Lim, Ian J. Constable

This version is a set of color illustrations of universal eye stipulations, with concise textual content. this could be an invaluable quantity for clinical scholars, common practitioners, ophthalmic scholars and all paramedical team of workers who've to accommodate universal eye ailments.

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Corneal diseases may lead to visual loss because of scarring. Of particular importance are trachoma and herpes simplex infection. Corneal graft surgery may restore vision to patients with central corneal opacities. BILATERAL RED EYES Bacterial conjunctivitis Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is a common cause of bilateral red eyes. It presents with yellowish mucopurulent discharge and sticky eyelids, especially in the morning. The sensation of grittiness or of having a foreign body in the eyes is due to the rubbing of the inflamed palpebral conjunctiva against the cornea.

57 Cataract Fig. 1 Central cortical cataract. Vision worse in bright sunlight or while reading when pupil constricts. Fig. 2 Peripheral cortical cataract. Vision usually affected later. Fig. 3 Brown nuclear cataract. Fig. 4 Mature cataract where entire lens becomes opaque. Maturity can lead to complications. 58 Cataract Fig. 5 Posterior chamber intraocular lens within the capsular bag. Fig. 6 Videotape recording of the surgery. 59 Visual Field Loss in Open-angle Glaucoma Fig. 7 Arcuate scotoma in early glaucoma.

6 Inflamed chalazion of left upper lid. Fig. 7 Infected chalazion ruptured through conjunctiva and appearing as granulomatous lesion. 29 Malposition of Eyelid Fig. 8 Left congenital ptosis (drooping of eyelid). Fig. 9 Right ptosis from third nerve paralysis. Pupil dilated and eye displaced (turned down and out). Fig. 10 Ectropion of left lower lid (eversion of eyelid) with exposure keratitis. Fig. 11 Entropion (inturned eyelid) with trichiasis (inturned lashes). 30 Deposits and Tumours of Eyelid Fig.

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